The Blogger in me.

Small Business Management. Yes, those are the 3 words that sum up how and why I started this blog. Our course teacher, being the ever-positive and uber enthusiastic entrepreneur that he is, was teaching us how to use blogs to promote businesses. I did not feel the inner entrepreneur in me awaken at that point in time, nor was I convinced that this was a surefire way of marketing, however, what I did realize was that something inside me wanted to do this. I wanted to blog. I didn’t know about what exactly, but it just made me rather at peace to think of writing about what I feel, and maybe, if I was lucky, get some recognition out of it. No, this isn’t a blog about facts and figures, science and technology, or any specific genre, as a matter of fact. This is me deciding to make a difference in my own life, if not others’. This is me expressing myself, be it through anecdotes from my life, or an extensive write-up on my day, or my opinion on *insert topic*. This, is my story.*

*I, in no way believe that my story is worth being told, or has something extraordinary in it that separates me from the rest. I write this for myself, and will do it to my heart’s content. If I happen to pick readers along the way, then that is a blessing from above, one that I will be grateful for.


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